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Ahhhh, your thirties: a decade of milestones. For some it’s marriage, for some it’s babies, for some it’s both and for some it’s neither. For some it’s finding the dream job and for some it’s leaving that job that you thought would be the dream. For most, your thirties is a time when you come out of the whirlwind that was your twenties and get slapped by that “aha moment” (or just life in general) over and over again. Hatteras Island is your happy place so we’ve created a fun guide for anyone passing through during their thirties, so this time you can get slapped with nothing more than an awesome vacation.

Traveling Hatteras Island in Your Thirties

Shops:  Coastal Cottage Outfitters. Curated by a mother-daughter power duo, this locally owned home goods store is perfect for anyone who is decorating a new home, condo, apartment, whatever. Bring a taste of the beach into your home—but you know, not in the way that says Golden Girls Miami edition, but instead says well-cultured, well-travelled fashionista with style for miles. Kids in tow? Also hit up Kitty Hawk Kites for a wide selection of toys and apparel for quite literally the entire family. With possibly the widest selection on Hatteras Island, they have something that appeals to every age group from baby to grandparent.

Eats:  Kids say the darnedest things, but turn your eye for one second and they can get into the darnedest things as well, aaaammmiright?! When you’re starting a new family, going out to eat can be a little intimidating. That little angel has been a blessing from above all day and then step foot into a restaurant and baby Tarzan suddenly wants to hang from the ceiling fan and throw food at the lady with the funny hat two tables over. On an island that doesn’t have any chain restaurants, finding something outside of the familiar can make things that much harder. Sonny’s Restaurant in Hatteras Village has a family-friendly atmosphere, but still embraces local cuisine with a seafood menu that’s mixed with an array of items for land lovers as well. Moderately priced, they may not let your kid hang from the ceiling fan, but with 5 kids between the brother and sister owners, they will at least find you crayons or some type of distraction device instead of giving you mad side-eye. A couple more local restaurants that are family friendly are Quarterdeck in Frisco, Sandbar & Grille in Buxton and the Mad Crabber in Avon (here they can even draw on the paper tablecloths and bonus, hang their masterpiece on the wall!)

Drinks:  Whether you’re married, raising a family, starting a career or all three, having a drink every now and again could very well be crucial to your mental well-being. Take a load off at Diamond Shoals’ cozy Sushi Bar and watch the chefs create their fresh masterpieces over a delicious cocktail…or 10…we don’t judge (the number for Island Hopper is (252) 995-6771–you’re going to want to store that in your phone now because Uber hasn’t reached Hatteras Island quite yet—you can thank me later).

Reads:  You can scour the best-sellers lists and find a plethora of great books in every genre and we even have a list of Top Ten Summer Beach Reads, but if you’re looking for something a little different and inspiring, try The Impact of a Single Event by R.L. Prendergast:

A quarreling couple stumbles upon a terrible car accident on their way home from what was supposed to be a romantic getaway. Trapped inside is another couple that they are frantically trying to get to safety. Once the ambulance rushes them off to the hospital, Richard and Sonia stay behind to collect the couple’s belongings that have since been strewn in the street. In the process, they come across a 140 year old family journal with entries from six different people, spanning across three centuries. Every writer shares a quest: the search for meaning in their lives. The twisty tales take Richard and Sonia on a personal journey where a final mystery awaits them.