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Hatteras Island is choc-full of hidden gems that appeal to all ages. When you’ve gotten past the party years and the days of wrangling the kids and what not, it’s fun to use your travel days as an enrichment process and taking the time to learn what went into making a place so special. Hatteras Island is obviously no different. Beyond the beautiful beaches and the clean ocean, and past the charter boats and shops and restaurants that dot these shores, there is an incredible amount of history for the meager 70-something miles that make up this coastline. From our Native American heritage to our ancestors who were seamen, light keepers, the original coastguardsmen and beyond, there is a deeper knowledge to be had when taking in all that Hatteras Island has to offer. When the heat becomes too much to bare or the grandkids want to go parasailing or jet skiing, hop in the car and visit one of the island’s authentic museums to learn more about the roots and culture that make Hatteras Island so unique.

Traveling Hatteras Island in Your Seventies and Beyond

Shops:  Drop by Seaworthy Gallery in Hatteras Village for a wonderful selection of artwork that will immediately bring you back to your time on Hatteras Island. From beautiful landscapes, to local creations, you’re sure to find something to suit any taste.

Eats:  If you’re looking for a traditional seafood dinner, try out Captain’s Table in Buxton. With a variety of fried baskets and more, you’re sure to fulfill that craving for the sea. For something more curated, try Rusty’s Surf and Turf, also in Buxton. With more of an island flair, local chef, Rusty Midgette, takes traditional ingredients and creates a stylish dish different from any other on Hatteras Island.

Drinks:  Drinks on the water are enough to relax just about anyone. Drop by Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant in Hatteras Village and try one of their delicious cocktails. Perched atop Village Marina, you can’t beat the sunset views. Combined with a world-class cocktail list, from the Orange Crush to the Lynchburg Lemonade, you won’t be disappointed!

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