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World travel is always recommended, but when the United States of America is where you call home, traveling around the homeland isn’t so bad either. Whether it’s just a few hours or even a few days, traveling around the US is sure to land you into an adventure. One of those adventurous hot spots is Hatteras Island, so check out another one of our top reasons to hit us up!


Scenery on Hatteras Island

There is something to be said for going off-grid when traveling and channeling your inner “Eat.Pray.Love.”. Ultimately you’ll have fewer distractions from fully taking in your surroundings and you can really dive into the area and truly enjoy the company you keep. That being said, when coming to Hatteras Island, your Instagram will flourish with the amazing scenery pics and your friends on Snapchat will be crazy jealous that you’re at the beach while they’re…wherever they are…so keeping your phone on may not be the worst thing in the world either. Decisions, decisions!

Ocean Side


Ocean side scenery on Hatteras Island

Ocean to sound, there is a TON of scenery to feast your eyes upon when visiting Hatteras Island. The glistening sea, however, is at the top of the list…

The ocean changes with both the seasons and tides and is really an anomaly all on its own. One thing that is so incredibly enchanting about this big, beautiful body of uncontrollable water is when you sit in front of it and try to imagine the entirely different kingdom of sea life that inhabits the space below its surface. Two totally different worlds meet right before your eyes, which is transfixing in a certain light.

The color of the water changes with the sunlight, clouds, tides and beyond, and what is one day clear and flat can and will change to dark and angry in as much as an instant. For those who have never been, it’s a sight you should run to see at your earliest opportunity, and for those who have laid their eyes on her before, it will call you back time and again!

Sound Side


Sound side scenery on Hatteras Island

Perhaps the yin to the oceans yang, the sound side is also a sight to behold. If the ocean is rough, chances are you may have better luck frolicking around the Pamlico Sound.

There is no shortness of beauty on the sound side of Hatteras Island. In addition to the variety of sea life, there is also an assortment of plant life that creates an exotic environment perfect for exploring. Peruse the shores of the Pamlico and the little nooks created by nature. Windy storms and high tides change the shoreline, and the wildlife that occupies the territory burrow their homes into the earth over again as needed.

No matter what time of year you visit, be sure to carve out an evening or two in your schedule to spend on the sound side. The golden hour of sunset is when the Pamlico comes to life, as day meets night and illuminates the sky in a way you’ve never seen. Side note: If you do decide to go off-grid, be sure to bring a camera!

Everything In Between


Canal front scenery on Hatteras Island

Ocean to sound (and everywhere in between) you’ll find beautiful sights to behold. Many of the villages are laced with canals and ponds that also bring a certain peacefulness to an afternoon on a porch swing or a sunset on the deck. Take an hour or two to explore the various nature trails the island has to offer and explore the outskirts of the luscious maritime forest. Also travel around the park near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. While the lighthouse campus itself is beautifully manicured, the road around it is also lined with acres of rich seagrass and spry wildlife.