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Reason #7: The Culture

Culture on Hatteras Island

People come on vacation for various reasons, but when you choose to travel to Hatteras Island, it’s because it is more than just a vacation. Period. It’s more than this compiled list of explanations you should come here. Granted, they’re all valid reasons, but the definition is by far the culture. This cozy little island is made of 7 small villages that are each full of heart and together, they make it easy to call Hatteras Island your second home.

That Fish Life

Culture on Hatteras Island

One of the main industries on Hatteras Island is fishing. Commercial fishing, sports fishing, all.of.the.fishing. Much like the time when folks had to live off of the land due to lack of transportation on and off of the island, many island natives still depend on fishing as their main income. Weathered faces board their vessels day in and day out to brave Mother Nature’s variation of moods, while spouses and loved ones pray for the safety of those on the water. Worn hands put in laborous hours hanging nets and painting crab pots, among an illustrious list of other things that makes for long days exposed to the elements.

Like many small towns, folks share their bounty with their friends and neighbors, spreading the goodness with open arms and thankful hearts. It’s a community unlike many others, where men and women work side by side one another down at the docks, looking after each other out on the water, communicating by radio to tell of the day’s happenings and so on. Stories of the day’s successes illuminate the docks, piquing the interest of anglers all over as they tune into the chatter on local fishing reports, spreading the love for that Hatteras Island fish life throughout.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors


Culture on Hatteras Island

Living on an island has a plethora of perks, but surrounded by water, it is also no stranger to hardship. Whether someone takes ill, there is a death in the family or a storm rolls through, it just seems to make this tight-knit community that much stronger.

Just like any other storm that has come to Hatteras Island, after Hurricane Matthew residents flocked to damaged areas to help their friends and neighbors clean-up in the aftermath of the brutal storm. With experience in this type of situation, folks set-up a central location in each village for people to come to both sign-up for assistance and volunteer their labor if they were fortunate enough to be spared of any damage. In those times, normal life comes to a screaching hault so that folks can help pick-up their neighbors and get them back on their feet and together they move forward. Volunteers do everything from pulling up floors to cleaning seaweed from under houses–anything they can to help.

Life in a Small Town


Culture on Hatteras Island

The small-town life on Hatteras Island is cozy and comfortable. It’s a laid-back place where folks come together in the hard times and rally to celebrate no matter what. Kitschy traditions keep morale alive and the down-to-Earth folks of Hatteras Island are constantly there to cheer on their neighbors.

Self-sufficient and a talented many, the island residents are a fun bunch indeed. Hustling around town in the summer season, drop by in the spring, fall or winter seasons and get to know the friendly folk and learn more about what makes this fun little island go ’round! You’re sure to hear stories of the native ancestors, such as our founders, Stockton and Anderson Midgett, who helped build the island into what it is today.

It might be a small town, but it definitely has a whole lot of heart, and sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered, so come on down! We look forward to seeing you! Browse our Hatteras Island vacation rentals today!