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Sometimes the best way to encounter an area is to move around without staying stagnant for too long. And if you only have a week on our expansive, yet small, little island, then doing just that might be the ticket for you to get the full experience. Something you definitely want to partake in? The food, because if there is one thing we islanders can do right, it’s EAT!

You’ve got 7 days and 7 villages. There’s no way we can pick and choose 7 restaurants, so we’ve created a “Small Course Crawl” mapped out by village, allowing you to sample what some of the best restaurants in each village have to offer.



A coworker and myself, deemed the two office “foodies”, came together to collaborate on our favorite appetizers /small courses provided by Hatteras Village. Have faith that you can trust our opinions as my coworker is an experienced cook, frequently entertaining, well-traveled and has a diverse palette. That being said, I cannot cook…like at all. One step away from being Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and The City, I use my oven as storage space for this roaster thing that I got for my wedding that I attempted to use once, last Thanksgiving, when I nearly threw up in my sink trying to clean a turkey (can they not sell you that thing sans neck?!). So, as you can see, I am forced to eat out a lot and am very familiar with what is delicious and what is crap. I feel like between the two of us, we are bringing a lot to the table here in the realm of food, so again, be confident that this is good stuff!



Southern Dumplings:  6 crispy potstickers stuffed with pulled pork and homemade collard greens served with Carolina BBQ dipping sauce

Crispy Calamari:  Served with a Cajun remoulade

Parmesan Clam Strips:  Served with a spicy marinara

*Note: Check out their specials menu. They have an incredibly consistent approval rating on their daily appetizer specials.



Hickory Smoked Tuna Crostini’s:  A blend of smoked tuna, garlic, dill, lemon & swiss cheese baked upon toasted baguette rounds

Spicy Tuna Tartare:  Diced yellowfin tuna seasoned with garlic, lime juice, sriracha chili sauce, cilantro & scallions served atop seaweed salad with fried wontons

Fried Goat Cheese:  Panko breaded then deep fried served with fire roasted red peppers, roasted garlic, kalamata olives & toasted baguette rounds



Hatteras-Style Clam Chowder:  This hearty Hatteras original is a broth-based chowder packed with clams, potatoes, celery and onions.

½ lb. Steamed Shrimp:  Steamed, tossed in old bay and served with house made cocktail sauce and melted butter

Petite Crab Balls:  Similar to mini-crab cakes, they’re homemade, hand breaded and deep fried. Served with house made cocktail and tartar sauces.



Firecracker Shrimp:  Panko encrusted North Carolina shrimp, fried golden brown and tossed in a spicy firecracker sauce

Oyster Rockefeller:  Fresh select oysters from locally owned and operated “Slash Creek Oysters” topped with spinach, smoked bacon with parmesan, baked to perfection

Beef Carpaccio:  Thinly shaved Hereford beef served raw, EVOO, arugala salad, rosemary mustard aioli

Dock Chips:  Hand-cut potato chips house seasoned and served with a zesty remoulade