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Similar to a honeymoon, many couples have jumped on the latest trend, “the babymoon”. If you’re unfamiliar, a babymoon is a calming vacation taken by parents-to-be before their new addition comes into the world. Some decide to take their babymoon after baby’s arrival as way to focus on establishing a bond with their little one as a new family.

There are various reasons to hop on board with this seemingly lavish movement! At first, the idea seems a little like Hollywood frivolity, but when you put some thought into it, the advantages will greatly outweigh the cons. Perhaps you never took a honeymoon. Even if you did, what better way to close this chapter of your life than with some relaxing time on the beach with your significant other?

Take one last hurrah to focus on the two of you before two becomes three. Reconnecting before baby comes can also help you approach parenthood with a stronger bond. Not to mention, relaxation is 100% the best way to help reduce the stresses that occur during the 9 month preparation phase that you are currently in. Between the appointments, the showers, the nesting and so on, taking a few days off to unwind can only be good for you and baby.

What better place to do all of this soothing relaxation than the tranquil Hatteras Island? With a variety of vacation homes nestled on the water, you are within reach of paradise no matter where you stay. While you’re here, we’ve come up with a few things you might enjoy!

Top 5 Ways to Babymoon on Hatteras Island

1.    Lying on the beach

This probably goes without saying, but you can’t beat unwinding in the sun with a fruity mocktail in hand. Tip: Be sure not to get sunburned. If you’re on the fence about using a ton of sunscreen while pregnant, be sure to stay under an umbrella. A good hat will keep direct sunlight off of your face, and sunglasses will protect those baby blues…or greens…or browns…or hazels?

2.    Beachcombing

Walking the beach is a wonderful way to get some peaceful exercise. Grab your significant other and stroll the shore to find fun little mementos of your time at the beach during your beautiful pregnancy.

3.    Couples Massage

Uhhh, yeh! Visit one of the island’s masseuses for a peaceful massage session and work out all of the areas that are feeling a little more tensed up than usual.

4.    Low-Key Watersports

Low-key watersports are offered at various places on Hatteras Island. Some activities include stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking or just floating around in your favorite raft. Take a lesson, book a guided tour or just grab your partner and go at your own pace.

5.    Yoga

Try your hand at yoga to find that Zen place before baby comes. It can have a calming effect for both you and your other half, but it’s also a great way to get in the mode of focusing on your breathing (which is also good for digestion), stretching your body to relieve tension and of course, getting that recommended daily dose of exercise.